Every choice will EFFECT our planet and it’s future. This is our EFFECT which is why we choose to walk a little lighter in all that we do!.


We design our swimwear in a safe and harmonious environment, locally and we produce in limited numbers. We use deadstock fabric to make hair scrunchies in the same swimwear fabric we use in effect suits. Deadstock fabric is not leave behind in EFFECT.


We send our suits in 100% recycled and recyclable wrapping paper and paper logo stickers, recyclable tags. No plastic bags. Our postage satchels are 100% recycled.


We use non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning products in our HQ wherever possible.


There are simple steps to increasing the lifespan of you swimwear:

1. Handwash or spotwash using mild, eco-friendly detergent.

2. Use liquid detergent instead of powder (less friction, less shedding).

3. Rinse throughly in cold water after use.

4. Avoid suntan lotions and rough surfaces.

5. Do not iron. Do not wear you re effect swimwear in Spa and heated pools.